Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quist Farm Field Site

GPS exact location of Field Site: N64 45.558 W148 06.371 543 ft

Our sub-Arctic field site is 20miles NNE of Fairbanks. We tracked our route out to the field site and the exact location. To identify the main wind flow direction and speed we used previous data to choose the location. Once we learned the primary wind direction was NNE from 0 to 90 degrees we choose this spot in the following video. The key characteristics of this site for the meteorology of this study are:
1- Unobstructed path of wind flow in the NNE direction.
2- Flat undisturbed field with wind direction and flow coming from downtown Fairbanks (NNE of site).

This video shows the initial visit to the Quist Farm site. In order to avoid car traffic on this road, and obstruction in the path of the main wind direction NNE, we decided to use the Hut out in the middle of the field on a flat part of the land. We ran power from the post in the end of the video out to the final position of the Hut through conduit pipe that runs underneath the driveway. Pictures of the final position for the instruments will follow in upcoming posts.

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