Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Set Up for March2010 Field Study

In our last field study we characterized the N2O5 loss to the snow pack (Fall 2009). Now we are setting up on the roof to study the loss of N2O5 on atmospheric particles. This way we can partition the total loss of N2O5 from the snow pack and the atmosphere at high latitudes. In this picture Patrick is getting ready to install the main inlet that will measure the N2O5, NOx and Ozone.The final set up with the meteorological tower and the inlet.

In addition to the meteorological instruments we have also installed a Vaisala FS 11 visibility monitor. This instrument reports the visibility in kilometers in the atmosphere. The visibilty is related to particles in the atmosphere.
The sunset on the roof and getting read to start the field study.


Christopher said...

Yet another question: would the site location differences affect N2O5 coming off with different quantities and time stamps...or are you mainly looking for qualitative assessment of revaporization? Maybe you took data on the roof during the cold too? Nice pictures by the way.

dea said...

We have some old cold data from the roof. The primary focus of this study was to sample N2O5 aloft and be completely decoupled from the snow pack surface. Thanks!