Thursday, November 5, 2009

The profiler

The profiler is on the gray tripod to the left in the picture. The profiler consists of a long bike chain, two gears and a stepper motor to control the movement of the inlet. The profiler raises and lowers our air sampling inlet to the heights of the met tower instruments. The automated inlet allows us to sample at each level every two minutes. The inlet samples air for the N2O5 instrument, NOx and Ozone.


christopher.iceman said...

I was wondering if you have done further investigation as to the integrity of the DuraAce bike chain vs. a high end chain from SRAM? Could be some major sponsorship deals here.

Christopher said...

Also would it be appropriate to label this apparatus a single speed fixie?

dea said...

Sponsorship, that does sound good. Maybe cliff bar too so I can eat something out here!